Young girl sitting in wheelchair holding a basketball

Wheelchair Basketball

This is for any individual who has a physical disability which would impair them from playing competitive standup basketball. Led by a Paralympian, this season will focus on skill-building and learning, with the intention of being competitive.

*Athletes do not need to use a wheelchair in their daily lives to play.

Program chairs will be provided to anyone who needs one.

Session I: Jan 8 - Feb 25
Session II: Feb 26 - Apr 14

*No practice week of Spring Break, Mar 11-17

5 - 18


5:30-7:30 PM

$75/member; $130/guest member



For more information or eligibility information, please contact Alyssa Anderson, Larkin’s Place Director.


NOTE: You will receive an email from the Larkin's Place director to confirm your registration. Class is based on minimum participation requirements