Ready. Set. Summer Camp in Mahomet!

Say goodbye to cold weather and hello to the sun-filled, action-packed days of friendship found at the Stephens Family YMCA Summer Day Camp. We're counting down the days until we welcome you! Nobody does Summer like the Y!

Along with over 70 camps taking place at the Stephens Family YMCA, is partnering with the Mahomet Parks and Rec to bring our Y Camp to Mahomet! Mahomet Y Camp will take place at the Sangamon on Main Gym, 601 E. Main St., Mahomet, IL 61853. We will provide a summer that the children can stretch their imagination, gain self-confidence, and learn new skills.

All Inclusive Stephens Family YMCA Summer Day Camp Policies

  • All participants must submit the proper enrollment forms, completed and signed on the first day the child attends camp. This information is confidential to our Staff and the registering parents and guardians.
  • Parents will be required to provide health information about their child/children by completing the proper medical and waiver forms. These forms will be kept on file at the Stephens Family YMCA and/or program site. 
  • The Y provides school bus transportation to all the trips in the summer. 
  • Parents will be contacted in the event of sickness or accident involving their child. If a parent cannot be reached and emergency care is needed, such treatment will be provided by Carle or OSF, as authorized under the Summer Day Camp medical consent form. 
  • Fees must be paid when registering your child. This is important for us to provide the best camp possible. All checks are to be made out to the Stephens Family YMCA.
  • Children should NOT bring any personal items, as the Y is not responsible if items are lost, broken, or stolen.
  • The Youth Director, with parental/guardian consent, may distribute any medications your child may need.

The hours of operation for Mahomet Summer Camp

        8:30 AM –  4:00 PM, Monday – Friday

       (Early drop off begins at 8:15 AM, Late pick up ends at 4:15 PM)

We offer pre-activities starting at 7:30 AM and post activities from 4:15  5:30 PM for an additional cost. 

Sangamon on Main Gym
601 E. Main St.
Mahomet, IL 61853

There will be a sign in/out sheet in the gymnasium. Every camper must be signed in and out each day they attend camp by a parent/guardian of 18 years or greater in age. Must provide photo ID every day at pickup.

If a parent or guardian is late in picking up a child past 5:30 PM you will be charged a $1.00/per minute that you are late.

The camp director has the right to deny privileges or usage to anyone who is continually late in picking up their child or who abuses any of the other rules.

The Summer Day Camp staff will not allow a child to leave the building with anyone who is intoxicated, under visibly apparent drug use, or who may cause immediate harm.

Financial assistance is available through the Stephens Family YMCA.

The Y and Camp Directors have the right to change or add any rules that may improve the overall camp program.

Summer Camp