Here for YOU.


Our DEI Mission:

At the Stephens Family YMCA, we are steadfast in our commitment to fostering diversity, prioritizing equity, and practicing inclusion in all we do. We are committed to implementing programs, training, and policies that break down barriers and celebrate differences to create a welcoming environment for our entire community.

Our DEI Committee

We are an advisory committee created to recommend programs, policies and procedures to our Board of Directors. At our core, we value everyone, regardless of their culture, gender, age, ability, race, ethnicity, identity, faith/beliefs, skill sets or socio-economic status. This committee encompasses a diverse cohort of individuals representing the Stephens Family YMCA staff, members, donors and community.

Committee Members

Mary Stauffer - Committee Chair

Alyssa Anderson
Devin Brocksmith
Renae Cory
Bridget Davis
Kelly Hoene
Steve Holstein*
Jim Lopez*
Dan Maroun
Tiffany McNeely
Joe Omo-Osagie
Jeff Scott
Capricia Whittaker

Lexie Zebe


*denotes Board Member