Join us for our gamers group! This fun group will embed all different types of popular games in different formats. Video games, board games, and card games will all be presented and the class will determine what each session looks like. Participants will learn the new games as well as social skills, such as turn taking and conversational skills. Taught by a certified special education teacher, these sessions will be fun but structured to help all participants feel included. This group is intended for individuals who enjoy playing games and can understand the rules, but may need more direct instruction or support on the other aspects of playing games with others. 

Age- 12+ years old
Date- Thursdays
Time- 6:30-7:30 PM 

For any questions about accessibility, or if your child needs any kind of modification, please contact the Larkin’s Place Director, Alyssa Anderson



NOTE: You will receive an email from the Larkin's Place director to confirm your registration. Class is based on minimum participation requirements