EGYM Onboarding

Stop by the Member Services Desk to sign up for your onboarding session. All EGYM users must complete an onboarding session before using the equipment. EGYM is for members of the Stephens Family YMCA only. There is a one-time $20 onboarding fee per member.

Why EGYM Works for Everyone: 

EGYM was developed using state-of-the-art exercise science. Different fitness goals require different workouts—an expert weightlifter works out differently than someone who has never strength trained.

In order to make sure that you start at a comfortable level, never over train, and always keep improving, EGYM consistently adapts the following equipment settings based on your goal, progress and body type:


Number of repetitions to coincide with training goals.


Training weight will increase or decrease based on your progress and goal.


Differing tempo to ensure ideal conditions for muscle time under tension.


Alternate training set length to ensure you will continue to progress.


Image of an EGYM chest press machine


  • Machines conduct a strength assessment to find your optimal resistance setting, and will continuously do so throughout your training.
  • Machines respond to the tap of your RFID wristband and automatically set the weight level and range of motion for you.
  • A video game-like interface on every machine guides you to move at the right pace with the right form.
  • Machines automatically track your workout and send it to your Branded Member App or EGYM Fitness app.
  • When in circuit mode, machines are configured so a timer tells you when to change machines to ensure a full workout in 30 minutes.


Image of EGYM Fitness Hub


  • Efficient and touchless onboarding with automatic adjustment of all EGYM machines.
  • Precise and informative tests and measurements made easy - and with detection of incorrect movements.
  • Motivating and intuitive progress visualization with BioAge and imbalances.
  • Start working out across the EGYM ecosystem in record time.
  • Compatible with body composition scales by leading manufacturers (if applicable).


Image of woman holding a cell phone looking at the EGYM member app


  • All EGYM workouts and progress are instantly uploaded into your app. All other exercises can be tracked in the app. Either log them directly, or sync with other fitness apps or wearables.
  • The app tracks and displays your muscle imbalances after your initial EGYM orientation. It will also tell you which muscle groups are imbalance, and gives you an accurate Biological Age (BioAge) based on your strength.
  • Your trainer can easily see your status and provide custom workout plans.
  • View your progress over time to see how you’ve improved.
  • Earn activity points for all exercise performed out and compete with friends on a leaderboard.