Larkin's Place


The Stephens Family YMCA has created programming designed to support children at all developmental levels and their families.

All children have needs that can be met in a non-competitive recreational environment, developing skills, learning, and making friends along the way.

Larkin’s Place is ingrained throughout the entire YMCA through accessible spaces, an attitude of acceptance, and programming that brings our community together; a ray of hope that inspires us all to be better.

Larkin’s Place programming is for all who wish to achieve therapeutic goals, developmental goals, improve skills, and create social networks.

Larkin’s Place programs seek to bring together typically developing children and those with disabilities to play and learn, create memories, skills, and bonds of friendship that will cross all barriers and last a lifetime.

Larkin’s Place programs are for everyone and we encourage all to join in the fun as role models, peers, and friends.