Survivor 2020 Fitness Programs

Our 7 week challenge is designed to get you on track with a healthy routine for the New Year. You pick the path, Challenge or Extreme, which determines how many points you need to obtain over 7 weeks. You start off gently in week 1, but each week we ask that you do a bit more in order to survive. Participants must be Stephens Family YMCA members, ages 10 and above. Ages 10-13 years must be accompanied by an adult in appropriate areas of the Y.

For the Extreme track, you must obtain your points by doing different modes of exercise; combining Rock Climbing with Group Fitness and Swimming for example. On the challenge course, you can stay with one mode through the entire 7 weeks. All workouts must be done at the Y. Participants must record their workouts in the Survivor binder, located under the Wellness Center sign upstairs. Your week’s log of workouts will be tallied on Monday morning.

If you fail to cover or record the required points, you may make a donation to our Annual Scholarship Fund and make up your missed weeks points the following week, in additional to that week’s points, to remain in the contest.

If you survive, you receive a one of a kind challenge t-shirt and a free lunch with fellow survivors.

Challenge begins January 20, 2020. $15 registration fee FOR MEMBERS ONLY

$15 registration. For members only
Ages 10+
Registration begins January 20th
Stephens Family YMCA