Heat Swim Team Competitive Swimming-HEAT

The focus of Heat Swim Team is placed on stroke technique, endurance, strength, streamline starts, flip turns, relay starts and exchanges and racing strategies. The Heat offers five training groups that are broken up by age and/or ability. To increase each swimmer’s ability, coaching staff recommends attending at least two practices a week with increasing attendance as each swimmer progresses through the groups.

Swim team participation requires a Booster Club fee and parental volunteerism to support competitive events. Other fees for training and meets apply and are the responsibility of the swim team participant. Each swimmer may elect to compete in any number of meets they desire offered both by USA Swimming and YMCA. Please speak with the Competitive Aquatics Coach 239-2806 for more information.

*Participants on swim team must be a member of the YMCA.


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Ages 6-18
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