Flip. Flop. Fantastic!

Kids and parents. Toddlers and Teens. The Y continues to offer great gymnastics opportunities and instruction for everyone.

The YMCA offers an all-inclusive gymnastics program with something for every member of your family. Our progression-based curriculum teaches participants gymnastics elements, movement skills, and refines motor skills. Each class is based on a skill sheet determined by the Gymnastics Director. There are a number of skills to master for each class, and it typically takes several sessions to progress to the next level.

We strongly recommend signing up for 2 lessons per week for greater skill retention and individual progression enhancement.  Prices are listed per class for each 7-week session. 

For your child’s safety, we ask that you adhere to the gymnastics area’s dress code. Girls should wear leotards, or form fitting shorts and shirts. No jewelry should be worn, and hair should be pulled back off of the face. Boys should wear athletic shirts and shorts (nothing too baggy) with no zippers. Instructors may ask your child to tuck their shirts in if they are too loose. No socks and shoes will be allowed in the gymnastics area, with the exception of our cheerleading classes.

Check out our wide selection of gymnastics classes for kids of all ages, as well as cheer, open gym sessions and private lessons. Don’t see a class that meets your specific need? Get a group together and take advantage of our “Create-A-Class” program.