Personal Training

The Y’s personal trainers are committed to giving our members excellent professional service, by providing effective, and quality personalized exercise in a highly motivational atmosphere. The Y sets extremely high standards when it comes to providing superior service for our members, and our certified trainers reflect that. We strive to inspire you to make fitness and wellness a high priority in your life, and our trainers will be there to guide you regardless of your age, abilities, and goals.


Great Start Training Package (2) 45-minute Sessions $80

Our personal trainers will help guide you to make sure you are spending time on the proper types of exercise that are best for you. Learn effective and efficient technique to become confident with how to perform exercises, use machines and navigate the facility. Sample what we have to offer! *One time use only


30-Minute Packages

5/30-minute sessions $155
10/30-minute sessions $270
15/30-minute sessions $375
20/30-minute sessions $460


45-Minute Packages

5/45-minute sessions $205
10/45-minute sessions $390
15/45-minute sessions $555
20/45-minute sessions $700


60-Minute Packages

5/60-minute sessions $255
10/60-minute sessions $485
15/60-minute sessions $690
20/60-minute sessions $880

For additional information regarding Personal Training and any of our small group training programs, please contact Eddie Edwards at 239-6088 or