Preschool Lessons - Eel Swim Lessons

While reinforcing all basic skills learned in Pike level, this class is geared towards children who can swim without instructor's assistance with a PFD. Students will be working on refining basic strokes and kicking, go under water and come back up, floating on surface on own, pool/personal safety and proper use of PFDs.

Requirements to enroll- Child uses 2 or less floats on belt AND..

  • Children can swim basic doggie paddle half way across the pool
  • Will put face in water/bob under water
  • Attempts to put face in the water while swimming
  • Can swim back stroke and elementary backstroke with help from instructor
  • Can kick on front and back, across the pool
  • Can jump in pool without assistance while wearing PDF




$40 Members
$80 Guest Members
Ages 3-5
Family Pool