Lifeguard Certification - American Red Cross Swim Lessons

Participants must be 15 years of age and able to pass the pre-requisite test to participate in the class. The first day of the class will include the pre-requisite test: 300 yard continuous swim showing both freestyle and breaststroke, 2 minute tread without the use of your hands, and 1 minute 40 second brick drop (swim to deep, dive 9ft, retrieve 10lb object, kick back to shallow, and exit pool without ladder or steps). 

Attendance of all class days and times are mandatory to receive certification. Successful participants will receive a 2-year certification upon completion of class.

Classes are offered on an as needed basis over the summer. To set up and register for a class contact the Aquatics Director at 217-239-2814


$250 Members
$300 Guest Members
Ages 15+
Contact Aquatics Director at 239-2814 for times.