Working with a registered dietitian can help you navigate nutrition challenges you or a loved one may be facing. So much of how we feel is based on how we are fueling our bodies and our relationship with food. With a plethora of nutritional information available doing what’s best for you and your goals can be confusing. Our dietitian can offer support and education specific to your needs.

Melissa Smith- RDN, LDN- Director of Nutrition & Behavioral Health strives to help individuals enhance overall health by encouraging a healthy relationship with food while also helping navigate meal preparation, manage diabetes and/or explore what’s missing in a person’s intake related to their specific needs/goals. Melissa collaborates with primary care physicians, endocrinologists and any additional outside providers to ensure synchronicity in care and optimal health.

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Melissa's Services Include:

Grocery Store Tours >

A Grocery Store Tour is a hands-on education session where our dietitian, Melissa, will share brand favorites, introduce you to new foods, and teach shopping tips. This provides the client the opportunity to take what is discussed in session and integrate it into their everyday life. Prior to scheduling a Grocery Store Tour, you will need to complete an initial visit. This ensures that our dietician, Melissa, understands your health needs, as well as your preferences, allergies, and sensitivities prior to the tour. Milestones offer both private and group tours visiting various grocery stores around Champaign-Urbana.  


Individual Nutrition Sessions >

During these sessions, our registered dietitian will complete an assessment and formulate a plan for your individual or family’s needs. Appointments can be scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes; this will be determined following your assessment. Sessions can be purchased individually or in packs of 5 and some insurance benefits include coverage on services with a registered dietitian.


Junior Chef Program >

Lace up your aprons, wash your hands and join our registered dietitian Melissa Smith for the Junior Chef cooking classes. These hands on cooking classes offer kids a chance to learn the skills needed to gain confidence in the kitchen, with kid safe cooking tools. These classes are geared to create a since of independence and empowerment surrounding nutrition and cooking. In this small group setting participants will prep, prepare and taste a variety of different recipes. (12 kids max)

If your child has a food allergy, please contact Melissa Smith prior to registration.

Ages 8-12

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Nutrition Group Presentations >

Nutrition is an essential component to wellness. It is a broad topic that can be incorporated into many facets of the home or workplace. A person’s intake greatly effects their mood and productivity. It makes sense to invest time in effective nutrition education. Our dietitian will connect the dots between health screenings and adopting new behavior changes. Whether your group is large or small, the presentation will be tailored to your needs. The nutrition seminars are high-energy, motivational and jam packed with the most up to date nutrition news.

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