Virtual Wellness

Devotional from Pastor Ron to His YMCA Family

Using Yoga to Manage Anxiety with Rachel

Local Pastor Message: Don't Let Social Distancing Become Social Isolation

Sing-Along to Help Children Cope with Change in Routine

A Message from the Gwinns & Fellowship of Christian Athletes: How We're Coping with Social Distancing

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. We believe your mental health as just as much a critical part of your overall wellness as anything physical.

Message of Encouragement from Mike & Julie Yoder of The Vineyard

Message from Jason Epperson of CU Church: Make the Most of Every Moment

Message from Pastor Randy: Lessons Learned in Times of Crisis

Check out this brief message from Pastor Rrandy Boltinghouse of Windsor Road Christian Church. See what lessons he is learning during this time of crisis and try taking his 1-1-3 challenge.

Message from Pastor Scott: Gifts of Love

Check out today's "Message of the Day" from Pastor Scott Keeble of Copper Creek Church.


    • Exercise

      • Workout of the day
      • Online options – YMCA, YouTube, etc. Check out our "VIRTUAL WELLNESS" page
    • Keep a regular schedule, get dressed, shower, etc.

      • Structure is important for mental health
      • Go to bed and wake up at usual times
    • Eat healthy and regularly

      • Check out our "NUTRITION TIPS & RECIPES" page.
    • Stay in touch with people

      • We are still social beings who need support
      • Electronically, of course – text, email, call, video chat
      • Have the youth in the house show/tell older family/friends
    • Control what you can

      • Decrease social media/news alerts
      • Decide to access a reputable source at set time(s)
      • follow CDC guidelines
    • Relaxation

      • Read a book

      • Mindfulness practices

      • Meditation

      • Yoga

      • Music